• "As someone who has always exercised, I never truly enjoyed my workouts until I started Pilates. Pilates was a lifestyle change for me. It is challenging, but there is something for everyone. It has given me more strength and definition than any exercise. Pilates is a priority for me because my health and fitness allow me to do everything else!"

    –Ricki S.

  • "I decided to try Kristy Cirillo's La Jolla Pilates program with my wife who suggested it since we were both turning 50 this year. I was almost 30 lbs. overweight, had a bulging disc in my back, and knew that I was heading in the wrong fitness direction. As an Executive Chef in charge of 11 restaurants , I have a very physically demanding career that requires me to be in good shape all year long and I was not able to perform at my best feeling the way I was feeling. I have always been athletic, played all kinds of sports, worked out in the gym and taken martial arts, and after 20 minutes of the first Pilates class we took, I knew that this was the best overall fitness program I had ever participated in, and fun also. Kristy's instruction is very detailed and always focuses on the specific areas that need special attention or on some extra work to strengthen those areas.

    In the 8 months since we started practicing Pilates twice a week, I have lost over 20 lbs. and 4 inches in my waist. My core is stronger than it has ever been which in turn has strengthened and healed my back issues almost 100%. My entire body has been re-shaped in a way that makes me feel like turning 50 really is the new 30! I am a true believer that all our hard work is paying off, all the clothes in my closet fit easily again, and I am living by my new motto: Pilates for life! A big thank you to Kristy Cirillo and Pacifica Pilates for making my 'mid-life' crisis go away forever!"

    –Barry S.